Wielki słownik angielsko-polski red. nacz D. Jemielniak, M. Miłkowski

(Noun) Kair;

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Praktyczny słownik religijny angielsko-polski 2005, Krzysztof Czekierda

geogr. Kair

Przykłady użycia

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EU-Africa relations have come a long way since the Cairo Declaration of 2000.
Stosunki UE-Afryka przebyły długą drogę od czasu deklaracji z Kairu w 2000 r.


In January, six Christians were massacred at the door of a church in Cairo.
W styczniu u bram kościoła w Kairze doszło do masakry sześciu chrześcijan.


That is the right of all citizens, whether in Cairo, in Tunis or in Brussels.
To prawo wszystkich obywateli - w Kairze i Tunisie jak też w Brukseli.


They are demanded on the streets of Tunis and Cairo and it is our duty to listen.
Domagają się ich ludzie na ulicach Tunisu i Kairu, a naszym obowiązkiem jest ich wysłuchać.


This summit was better than the Cairo Summit, but that was hardly difficult!
Ten szczyt był lepszy niż szczyt w Kairze, ale o to nie było trudno.


Kholoud is hoping to see her extended family, who fled to Cairo during Israel's war of independence in 1948.
The Arab Doctors Union is sponsoring his trip, says Nael, but he has no details beyond a first appointment in a Cairo hospital whose name he cannot remember.
They want to visit Amneh's brothers in Cairo and also obtain treatment for a knee problem which makes it hard for her to stand and walk. She is also hoping to get an Egyptian passport while there â?? "I have done all the paperwork â?? which would make exit from Gaza easier in the future.
Agreements over the Nile's water date back to the late 19th century when Britain, which controlled Egypt and Sudan, signed deals with other colonial powers and with Ethiopia to guarantee the river's unimpeded flow. But, in 1929, a bilateral treaty went further. Egypt, which by then enjoyed nominal independence, and Britain, acting on behalf of Sudan and its other colonies around Lake Victoria, signed an agreement on water rights. It reserved the entire dry season flow of the Nile for Egypt and allowed Cairo to veto any water development project in the Nile basin .
Graphic photos of Said's mangled face have spread across the internet, prompting protests in Cairo and Alexandria, which have been broken up by the police. Today's protest was the largest so far.
Also crucial for researchers is the fact that Carter and his colleagues recorded the artefacts almost immediately after the tomb was opened. "They were the first to see the objects, and therefore saw them in the best condition possible," says Andr?© Veldmeijer of the PalArch Foundation in Amsterdam, who used the website in a recent analysis of the footwear found in Tutankhamun's tomb. This is particularly important for finds made of organic material. One pair of leather sandals, delicately embellished with gold leaf and coloured beads, is shown perfectly preserved in Burton's photographs, yet Veldmeijer says his visit to the Cairo museum revealed an oozing black mess. He describes the online archive as "one of the best things in Egyptology".
Sue Wassef's son Pierre was arrested in Cairo in 2007 and charged with drug trafficking. Coerced into a confession, he is now serving 25 years in prison. His devastated mother can only sit and wait
Sue runs a large pub in north London. She is a warm, personable and energetic woman. She looks outwardly cheery and robust, sitting in the sun outside the pub, but she frequently cries when she talks about Pierre, and keeping going is clearly a great struggle. Both sons were born in England â?? Pierre is 30 and has a partner here, Kelly, and three young children. In 2005, their father, who is Eyptian, had a heart attack and both boys went over to Cairo to look after him. They helped on the family farm and worked as mechanics to help pay their father's hospital bills.
A few weeks ago Pierre was moved to a high-security prison on the desert road between Cairo and Alexandria. Having never seen it, Sue imagines the worst. "I want help. I don't want to wait for the embassy to tell me something's happened to my son and there'll be an investigation. In the remand prison, everyone was fantastic to him. The prisoners looked after each other. They shared food. There'd never be a prisoner who didn't eat.
Miliband declined to answer a number of questions put by the Guardian 12 days ago about his role in granting MI6 permission to proceed with such operations, and his assertion that he always struck the correct balance. As a consequence it was unclear whether he knew that people were being tortured. He also said he was unable to say how often MI6 asked for permission to proceed with such operations, and how often he refused. Earlier this year, Bangladeshi authorities told the Guardian that during 2007-08 they investigated around 12 British nationals resident in Bangladesh at the request of British intelligence officers. One senior counter-terrorism official in Dhaka said that the question of whether any of these individuals posed any risk to the UK "could not have been dealt with by British law - because of the question of human rights". The official declined to elaborate. There is evidence that at least two British citizens have been tortured in Bangladesh during the last 18 months. Miliband said today that the files he scrutinised contained no evidence of ministers being asked for permission to detain those two men, nor a third Briton detained and tortured in Cairo in July 2008.

Cairo was a day at the beach next to this.
Kair to w porównaniu z tym jak dzień na plaży.

I follow him to Cairo where he puts me up in a house.
Pojechałam z nim do Cairo gdzie uwięził mnie w swoim domu.

Your mother loves Cairo even if she looks angry in the photo.
Twojej matce podoba się Kair nawet, jeśli na zdjęciu wygląda na rozzłoszczoną.

The boy with the bleeding heart goes back to cairo to y.
Chłopiec z Krwawiącym Sercem wraca dzisiaj prosto do Kairu.

They pay me half now, half when we return to Cairo.
Płacą mi połowę teraz, połowę, kiedy wrócimy do Kairu.

Yeah, I was supposed to be in Cairo two days ago.
Ja miałem być w Kairze dwa dni temu.

Sir, that package you ordered from Cairo arrived three days early.
Pana samochód ten z Kairu, Przyszedł 3 dni przed terminem.

But reports coming in tonight confirm the lights of Cairo are alight.
Jednak dzisiejsze sprawozdania potwierdzają, że światła Egiptu są rozjarzone.

My only chance is to go downriver to Cairo.
Moja jedyna szansa, to udać się w dół rzeki, do Cairo.

We got married in Cairo two months ago.
Pobraliśmy się dwa miesiące temu w Kairze.

We found the tiger skin in a bicycle shop in Cairo.
Znaleźliśmy skórę tygrysa w sklepie z rowerami w Kairze.

It's much more beautiful than back in Cairo.
Jest to o wiele piękniejsze niż w Kairze.

We waited seven years to get from Cairo to Lisbon.
Czekaliśmy siedem lat, aby przejść od Kairu do Lizbony.

Underneath the facade, Cairo is still a dangerous city.
Pod ten fasady Kair jest nadal niebezpieczne miasto.

We've been stuck in Cairo almost 3 weeks.
Prawie trzy tygodnie byliśmy zatrzymani w Kairzo.

The openness, confidence, courage and optimism of the young people in Cairo left a deep impression on me.
Otwartość, wiara, odwaga i optymizm młodych ludzi w Kairze wywarły na mnie głębokie wrażenie.

We are merchants on our way to Cairo.
Jesteśmy kupcami, na drodze do Kairu.

People once thought it geographically real as Cairo and Jerusalem.
Kiedyś ludzie myśleli, że jest geograficznie prawdziwe, jak Kair czy Jerozolima.

Last call for Cairo and all points north! All aboard!
Ostatni dzwonek do Cairo i na północ! Wszyscy na pokład!

Lix, I need you to telephone your man in Cairo.
Lix, musisz zadzwonić do swojego człowieka w Kairze.

Mostly shows of support, regards to the first family from the Saudis in Cairo.
Przeważnie pokazuje, wsparcia, chodzi do pierwsza rodzina od Saudyjczyków w Kairze.

She was born in Cairo to an uber-wealthy Egyptian family.
Urodziła się w Kairze w bogatej egipskiej rodzinie.

I will see him again in Cairo.
Spotkam się z nim ponownie w Kairze.

Are we really in this dreadful modern Cairo?
Czy to naprawdę ten okropny, nowoczesny Kair?

He's in his jet somewhere between Cairo and New York.
On jest w jego odrzutowcu gdzieś między Cairo a Nowym Jorkiem.

Meanwhile a small miracle is happening in Cairo.
Tymczasem mały cud dzieje się w Kairo.

Moreover, Cairo needs to observe the peace treaty with Israel and even develop it further.
Ponadto Kair musi przestrzegać postanowień traktatu pokojowego z Izraelem, a nawet je rozszerzać.

Years ago in Cairo, an old man from the countryside who delivered milk to our house three times a week stood at our door crying.
Lata temu w Kairze starszy mężczyzna ze wsi, który trzy razy w tygodniu dostarczał nam mleko do domu, pojawił się zapłakany na naszym progu.

Cairo, the pyramids, we can forget about them.
Kair, piramidy... Możemy o tym zapomnieć...

It could cover Cairo in icicles in three days.
Pokryłaby Kair soplami w trzy dni.

Then there will be calm in Cairo.
Wtedy w Kairze zapanuje spokój.

When will we get to Alexandria, to Cairo?
Kiedy dotrzemy do Aleksandrii? Do Kairu?

Let us hope that the Muslim Brotherhood do not prevail in Cairo.
Miejmy nadzieję, że Bractwo Muzułmańskie nie zapanuje w Kairze.

I have safe houses from Cairo to Beirut.
Mam kryjówki od Kairu aż po Bejrut.

I'll help you get to Cairo.
Pomogę ci dotrzeć do Cairo.

I get them directly from Cairo.
Sprowadzam je prosto z Kairu.

You did not ride from Cairo?
Ale nie jechałeś z Kairu?

Cairo tomorrow, Tanzania for two days, then Johannesburg on Saturday.
Jutro Kair. Tanzania przez 2 dni. I Johanesbug w sobote.

I therefore welcome Baroness Ashton's visit to Cairo next week.
Dlatego cieszy mnie przyszłotygodniowa wizyta baronessy Ashton w Kairze.

Cairo, city of the living.
Kair, miasto życia.

I must talk to Cairo.
Muszę pomówić z Joelem Cairo.

This summit was better than the Cairo Summit, but that was hardly difficult!
Ten szczyt był lepszy niż szczyt w Kairze, ale o to nie było trudno.

If Cairo refuses to do so, I think that needs to have consequences for our bilateral relations with Egypt.
Jeżeli Kair odmówi, powinno to, moim zdaniem, przełożyć się na nasze dwustronne stosunki z Egiptem.

Go to Cairo before the Council of Foreign Ministers.
Proszę pojechać do Kairu przed posiedzeniem Rady do Spraw Zagranicznych.

They are demanded on the streets of Tunis and Cairo and it is our duty to listen.
Domagają się ich ludzie na ulicach Tunisu i Kairu, a naszym obowiązkiem jest ich wysłuchać.

Cairo didn't say he did or he didn't.
Cairo nie powiedział ani tak, ani nie.

Cairo and Alexandria must be defended.
Musimy bronić Kairu i Aleksandrii.

I need to know everything about that trip Kish and Darrall made to Cairo.
Muszę wiedzieć wszystko o tej wyprawie Kisha i Darralla do Kairu.

Welcome to Cairo Prison, my humble home.
Witam w kairskim więzieniu, moim skromnym domu.

By now those stones could be on the market in Tangier or-- or Cairo.
W tej chwili klejnoty mogą już być na rynku w Tangerze czy Kairze.