Wielki słownik angielsko-polski red. nacz D. Jemielniak, M. Miłkowski

(Noun) histeryk/histeryczka;

(Adjective) histeryczny;

Nowoczesny słownik angielsko-polski


Wordnet angielsko-polski

(a person suffering from hysteria)

(characterized by or arising from psychoneurotic hysteria
"during hysterical conditions various functions of the human body are disordered"- Morris Fishbein
"hysterical amnesia")
synonim: hysterical

Praktyczny słownik religijny angielsko-polski 2005, Krzysztof Czekierda


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Przykłady użycia

Przykłady dopasowywane są do haseł w zautomatyzowany sposób - nie gwarantujemy ich poprawności.

Despite or perhaps because of their contentment, Tom and Gerri's home has become a magnet for lost and damaged souls. Tom's old mate Ken (Peter Wight) is an overweight boozer with unresolved issues, and then there is Mary, played by Lesley Manville, a secretary in the GP's office where Gerri works. Mary is the character who kicks the narrative mechanism into gear. She is a lonely divorcee, superficially sparky and cheerful, but parasitically dependent on her friends, and putting a tragically unconvincing brave face on the awful way her personal life is turning out. (She is a Mr Hyde to the Dr Jekyll of Sally Hawkins's Poppy in Happy-Go-Lucky; like Poppy she takes up driving with far less happy results.) The hysteric quiver in Mary's needy, wheedling laughter has a cry-for-help timbre, disturbing because at some level Mary needs someone to see through her pantomime. The neurotic music of Manville's delivery creates a plaintive, tragic dissonance with the film's actual musical soundtrack, a thoughtful melody with oboe and classical guitar featured prominently.

She needs this hysteric like a hole in the head.
Potrzebuję tego histeryka jak dziury w głowie.

St. Francis is hysteric about the win.
St. Francis szaleje z powodu zwycięstwa.

You, my dear, are an unhinged hysteric.
A ty moja droga, jesteś niezrównoważoną histeryczką.

Father Gemelli... said that I was a hysteric.
Ojciec Gemelli... stwierdził, że to była histeria.