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(Noun) historia cesarz;

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n kajzer
cesarz Niemiec/Austrii

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niem. cesarz

Przykłady użycia

Przykłady dopasowywane są do haseł w zautomatyzowany sposób - nie gwarantujemy ich poprawności.

No one today fully knows what is happening in the brains of children as they learn to read while immersed in digitally dominated mediums a minimum of six to seven hours a day (Kaiser report, 2010). The present reading brain's circuitry is a masterpiece of connections linking the most basic perceptual areas to the most complex linguistic and cognitive functions, like critical analysis, inference and novel thought (ie, "deep reading processes"). But this brain is only one variation of the many that are possible. Therein lies the cerebral beauty and the cerebral rub of plasticity.
The American writer Richard Louv, author of the bestseller Last Child in the Woods, has defined the phenomenon as "nature deficit disorder". Something "very profound" has happened to children's relationship with nature over the last couple of decades, he says, for a number of reasons. Technology, obviously, is one: a recent report from the Kaiser Family Foundation in the US found that the average eight-to-18-year-old American now spends more than 53 hours a week "using entertainment media".
A recent poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that a third of New Orleans residents say their lives are still getting worse because of the hurricane. African Americans were more than twice as likely as whites to say they had not recovered from Katrina.
My mother-in-law, Beatrice Debenham, a marvellous and much-loved woman, died last week at the age of 95. I mention this because she, too, might well have perished under a German bomb. She was born in November 1914, at the rectory in Gaywood, outside King's Lynn in Norfolk, the youngest of four daughters of the Venerable Harry Sydney Radcliffe, the Archdeacon of Lynn. It was at Lynn, during the night of 19-20 January 1915, that the first ever bombs were dropped by a Zeppelin airship on Britain. The Kaiser had authorised bombing raids by Zeppelins, provided they didn't strike London, government buildings, historic houses or museums (Hitler had no such qualms). So, as it turned out, it was the coast of Norfolk that was first targeted, with two Zeppelins dropping 24 bombs in and around King's Lynn and Great Yarmouth, killing four people and injuring 16.

Me and the kaiser felt just alike about this war.
Ja i kanclerz myślimy podobnie o tej wojnie.

Now, this is just what Kaiser and the Army are looking for.
Właśnie tego potrzeba armii. I nie martw się, -tym razem zapłacą.

Who knew your Kaiser would chicken out so soon?
Kto by pomyślał, że wasz Kaiser tak szybko stchórzy?

He's an ace in the war against the Kaiser.
Jest asem w wojnie przeciw Kaiserowi.

And that your relationship with Kevin Kaiser ended his marriage.
I że pani związek z Kevinem Kaiserem zakończył jego małżeństwo.

He's gonna send men to fight the Kaiser for him.
Wyśle ludzi, aby walczyli z Cesarzem dla niego.

And without my pass from the Kaiser you'il not go that far...
A bez mojej przepustki od króla nie zajdziesz daleko...

Even His Majesty the Kaiser is not held holy by this man!
Nawet Jego Wysokość cesarz nie jest świętym, w oczach tego człowieka! Zaraz oszaleję!

Victoria and the Kaiser were relatives, for God's sake.
Victoria i Kaiser są krewnymi, na miłość boską.

A cousin or a nephew or something of Kaiser Wilhelm.
Kuzyn lub siostrzeniec, czy coś tam, cesarza Wilhelma.

Does she work at Kaiser?
Czy ona pracuje przy Kaiser?

This one's for you Kaiser Bill, from the boys in D Company:
To za ciebie Kaiser Bill, z Kompanii D:

That old Kaiser's got legs.
Ale ten stary Kaiser ma zdrowie.

So now I gotta be at Kaiser Permanente tomorrow at 6 a.m.
Więc muszę być w Kaiser Permanente jutro o 6 rano.

With respect, the Kaiser's a coward.
Z całym szacunkiem, cesarz to tchórz.

Lenin and his communists help the German Kaiser...
Lenin i jego komuniści pomogą niemieckiemu cesarzowi.

Oh, the Kaiser was famous, Miss Hill.
Kaiser był sławny, panno Hill.

Mr. Kaiser wrote it about Don.
Pan Kaiser napisał tak o Donie.

Why? Does not the Kaiser Leopold in Vienna have a money-making Jew?
Czyż cesarz Leopold w Wiedniu nie ma swojego Żyda od robienia pieniędzy?

Mr. Kaiser, sixth period biology.
Pan Kaiser, biologia, szósta lekcja.